Damien Echols publishes on VICE


Damien “I am a magician” Echols wrote a piece for VICE on their Motherboard site.


He makes some important admissions, such as having a “love of the knowledge of Crowley” at the time of the murders and that he spent 8 hours a day meditating and doing rituals, such as the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram as devised by Golden Dawn members. “It was here that I decided to dedicate every single waking moment of my life to delving deeper and deeper into the realm of magick.” Echols claims he could command 200 angelic intelligences to fulfill his will to leave jail. He also lies about the case repeatedly. Convicted child killer Echols doesn’t know what the word deigned means.
A friend objected to the publication of an article by Echols on the VICE site. He wrote:

Dear Editors at Motherboard,
I am very upset that you would give triple child killer Damien Echol’s any space on your website to spout his spiritual “beliefs”.
Funny, on the stand he said he was familiar with Crowley. On the stand he said he had only heard of him but hadn’t read anything by him. Just another lie from Echols. If you follow him you get used to it.
Another lie, DNA evidence exonerated him. Yes, a hair was found belonging to 1.5% of the population. Not enough to get Echols or the other two exonerated. His defense team asked for a new trial but with such little exonerating evidence offered the state an Alford plea.
He has never been exonerated. He remains a triple child killer and is on probation as are the other three.
I would bet that everything you know about this case you have learned from the wildly misleading Paradise Lost “documentaries”. After seeing them one can only conclude they are innocent. Dig a little deeper into the case and you will find out none of them had alibis that stood up in court and Baldwin didn’t even bother presenting one. Misskelley has confessed 5 times to law enforcement once against the advice of his lawyer and another time with his hand on the Bible. Echols was not singled out for his love of Magick and heavy metal. Rather he had an extensive scary mental history. He described himself as “homicidal” to his healthcare providers. He was seen stomping a dog to death and enjoyed killing cats via firecracker. His own parents were frightened of him. I invite you to visit www.wm3truth.com or www.callahan.8k.com and read the case files. Please don’t print any more material written by convicted child murderers.

The response from VICE:


I’m sorry you feel that way, but Damien Echols is innocent and you’re an idiot if you think otherwise. What happened to this man is a tragedy and it’s ignorance like yours that perpetuated his wrongful imprisonment. You clearly don’t care about the truth. You should be ashamed of yourself.

From: Adrianne Jeffries <adrianne.jeffries@vice.com>
Date: November 25, 2015 at 2:15:40 PM EST

Add VICE to the list of uninformed journalists.