Margaret Cho: a deranged nutjob who supported the WM3.

Echols and Cho

She wrote this about Echols:

“Damien returns my letters. Damien has grown up, no longer a boy, but a brilliant young man. He is incredibly bright, gentle, considerate, sentimental, kind. He isn’t seemingly angry, nor is he bitter, as he would have every right to be, having spent the better part of the last dozen years behind bars, vilified and demoralized, imprisoned and readied for lethal injection by an indecently ignorant and hysterical community, so fearful of Satanic cults living in their own presence that they commit far more evil in the name of their own blindness and bigotry than Lucifer himself would have the capacity or cruelty for…He is the victim of the government, a theocracy which has failed us, and for this, he is a messianic figure…Until he is free, no one is free. Damien Echols is the heavy metal Nelson Mandela.”

Anderson, M. W., Brett Alexander. Savory, and Clive Barker. The Last Pentacle of the Sun: Writings in Support of the West Memphis 3. Vancouver, B.C.: Arsenal Pulp, 2005. Print. 196


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