Outline April 2018

Last show—-Nov. 20th, 2017

Recent developments:

Timothy Cunningham, CDC Worker

Beranton Whisenant

Caspar Blackburn, Manchester, UK

Michael Nicolette, LSU

Nick Practico, NJ,

Clayton Collison, Kitchener, Canada
Charlie Pope, Zombie Shack, gay Manchester, March 3rd, 2018

Christopher Tusi, Norwell, Mass., outside of Boston, March 6th 2018

Marciano Sakhouen, October 18th 2017

Liam Toner, missing one day, Clethorpes, UK

Thomas Keenan, missing Nov., found in Maryhill, glasgow, 5th of Jan.

Steven Dyson, 22, Manchester, News Year Day

Peter Pedeaux, New years day, springfield, louisiana.

Daniel Redd, Kalamazoo, MI

Duncan Pucker, Victoria, Canana, Feb. 2nd missing, found 28th Feb.
Cameron Roney—-Feb. 20th, 2018

Richard Thomas Henderson, jan 20th, 2018

Joshua Agnew, Nash, TX, Jan. 23rd, 2018

Ross Hanlon, missing in Vienna, jan 25th, 218, found a week later

George Edgar Solis, Sugarland, TX, missing Jan. 29th, found Feb 9th 2018

Michael Hull, january 22nd, left bar, found dead in water.

Duncan Sim—St. Andrews Scotland, Wed. 14th March,  2018

Rory Cattermole, Exeter, Feb. 13th, 2018

Adam Gilbertson, Denver, missing a month, found in river

Liam Colgan, disappeared Hamburg, germany, Feb. 13th, 2018

Ryan Shtuka, Kamloops, BC, Feb. 17th, 2018, not found

Dean Tate—-Burnham On Sea, at pub, disappeared February 23rd, not found

Garrick Sowry, aged 28, missing Oct. 2017, found Feb. 27th, 2018

Derek Oxford, Feb 27th, 2018

Vadim Muhkin, Clark County Wa, Dec. 30th 2017, found Feb. 14th, 2018

Nolan Panchyshyn, Ontario, missing Dec. 12, 2017,  found March 23rd

Police found Nolan Panchyshyn’s remains Saturday near Dornoch, after searching for him in that area the previous week. But it was only after an autopsy that police could positively identify the young man.

Police broke the news to Nolan’s father Thursday and issued a news release Friday which identified the 20-year-old as the victim of murder.

“Nobody can even imagine what those monsters did to my son. It’s just unbelievable. It’s bad enough killing my son but what they did to him after is just . . . They didn’t just move the body. They did other things to it,” he said Friday afternoon by phone from his home in Allenford.

“He was only 20 years old. My son was 20 years old. And he was at the wrong place at the wrong time . . . and he was starting to turn his life around.”

Rapes in Manchester:  Sam Thompson and Daivd Platt

Dwayne Johnson—drudgged missing finger

Remon Bruinsma—Netherlands

Mexico druggings

Ross Hanlon, Jan 25th, missing in Vienna

Liam Colgan, disappeared Hamburg, germany, Feb. 13th, 2018

Terry McSpadden—-disappeared 2007

Jordan Holling—

Stephen Henshall—-2004, australia

Bill Peden—2002 Australia

Cedric Briant—France, 2013

Daniel Larue, 2014

Eau Claire:

Brenden Felton

Blake Mares

Byron Reece

Gary Jay—Manchester pusher doc

James Favel—Bear Clan Patrol

Aleister Crowley—Pedophile

Aliester Crowley

And I the Worm have trailed my Slug-Slow across Her Breasts; so that Her mother-mood is turned and Her breasts itch with lust of Incest. She hath given Her two-year bastard boy to Her lewd lover’s whim of sodomy, hath taught him speech and act, things infinitely abhorred, with Her own beastly carcass. She hath tongued Her five-month girl, and asked its father to deflower it. She hath wished Her Beast to rape Her rotten old mother – so far is woman clean of Her! Then Her blood’s grown icy hard and cold with hate; and Her eyes gleam as Her ears ring with a chime of wedding bells, dirty words, or vibrate, cat-gut fashion, to the thin shrieks of a young child that Her Beast-God-Slave-Mate is torturing for Her pleasure – ay! and his own, since of Her Cup he drank, and of Her soul he breathed.

He loved it all. He rolled each drop of filth around His tongue.” – The Magical Record of The Beast 666 – The Diaries of Aleister Crowley, 1914-1920 (Duckworth)

The Disappearance and Death of Joey Labute

Joseph “Joey” LaBute Jr., age 26, was last seen early Saturday morning at 12:30AM on March 5th, 2016. He was last seen by friends and cousins walking to the bar to get another drink at the Union Cafe (782 N. High St.) in the Short North district of Columbus, Ohio. LaBute’s 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer was found where he parked it on Friday night, March 4th. After Joey LaBute left the table around 12:30 a.m. his cousins and friends frantically called and texted. The last text received from Joey LaBute’s cell phone at 1:22a.m. Saturday simply read: “Jnhstioj.”
On March 30th, a body was pulled from the Scioto River, later identified as Joey LaBute. Columbus Police consider the death suspicious and the coroner believes Joey Labute died before entering the water.